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Thank You For Giving Back!

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to show their support for Doctors Without Borders on April 3rd. I know sometimes we support and don't know the impact that we make. I wanted to give you some statistics on doctors without borders so that you know how much your contribution means to those who don't have the healthcare that we are so lucky to have.


Did you know that for every dollar raised $0.87 goes right to the programs that doctors without borders have all over the world? That's huge! MSF (Doctors without borders) is not run by political, economic or religious decisions - intervention for a crisis is based solely on assessment of need. This again is huge and why MSF is quite often already in a place of need before an epidemic like Ebola arises.


I want to give you a few fact from doctors without borders site - In 2012, MSF medical teams carried out more than 8.3 million outpatient consultations; delivered more than 185,000 babies; treated more than 1.6 million people for malaria; treated nearly 350,000 severely and moderately malnourished children; provided some 284,000 people living with HIV/AIDS with antiretroviral therapy; conducted more than 78,000 surgeries, and vaccinated 690,000 against measles and 496,000 against meningitis.


Yes, we have a focus on Ebola currently in our fundraising but MSF is so much more, they are a line of hope, an organization of people who work hard for humankind and believing that all life is worth living.


My praise goes to all of the volunteers for MSF and my gratitude eternally for your efforts in over 70 countries.

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