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Fi3rce… I spent a long time not only trying to think of what to write for my “mission statement” but also what to say to express exactly what Fi3rce is.

No matter how much I put business babble or goals down it didn't feel right, truthfully it’s about the music, you feel music, it’s the soundtrack to our lives. You can’t feel that in any amount of sentences I could write about why I started Fi3rce. Simply put, I started Fi3rce for the love of music.

I wasn't blessed with being able to belt out tunes and give you goosebumps, heck even my shower singing ain't 'bout skills nor was I a savant with an instrument! So, what is it they say? Those who can’t do, teach, alright! I’ll kinda… Sorta… Ok I'm not teaching either! My goal (uh oh a goal… promise it’s short!) is to make it easier for those who were blessed with these talents to perform right at home.

From crazy soca events, battle of the bands and fundraisers I'm all about getting bands, solo artists and DJ’s into as many venues as possible. We've had some great ones so far and have even more in the works! This year is going to be bigger and better than last and I can’t wait to share my passion with all of you!

Why us?

From day one starting this business my one and only goal has been to help local artists succeed and thrive right here in our city. Let's face it, we aren't a music mecca like Toronto or Vancouver... yet... But I aim to get there and with the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, we are getting there!

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