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What's hot in your city?

Soca Parang Friday Dec 11

At Vagabond - DT Calgary

Hosted by Calgary Soca

10pm - 2am

Twilight Christmas Jam Pt 2 Dec 19

At Cheers Africana Eatery Calgary

Hosted by DJ Marvin Culture

10pm - 2am

Karolina - Fi3rce Girl! Birthday Party

At Rio Bar & Grill Calgary Dec 31

New Years Birthday Bash

Hosted by FI3RCE Entertainment

10pm - Til they kick us out ;P

Next Stop Trinidad Carnival!

OK, so you all know by now we love soca... we love carnival... we love well anything Caribbean really. We cannot be more excited to be heading to Trinidad in 54 days!

The countdown is officially on for getting my body carnival ready... not that I need to be in any different shape to wine... but to wear this costume we've signed up to wear.. this I need some crazy 6 week program, lots of courage and some well maybe, ok, who am I kidding, while we are in Trinidad we will be tipsy every moment to forget we are wearing such lil costumes hahah!

If you're going to carnival in Trinidad look for us and come say hi! We always love to meet new people and make new friends!


Carifest Calgary 2015 - What an experience! We were a bit cold and the music was having some difficulties but we made it through! We were lucky to be surrounded by family and friends while experiencing a bit of Caribbean culture in our city YYC.

It is no secret that we at Fi3rce have a love for the Caribbean music, culture and of course the food! So it should come as no surprise that part

of our team will be going to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016! Just writing that I got all giddy! We are so very excited to immerse ourselves in the culture just a little deeper.

In every way shape and form we are so grateful to be a part of a city that embraces cultures around the world and hosts festivals to showcase traditions. We can only hope that each year these festivals get bigger and bigger, but they need you to do your part if they are going to grow! Bring your friends, invite on social media, write blogs. Let our city grow and thrive on the very thing that makes us special... Diversity!

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